6th February - 2nd May 2005
'Wedding & Valentine Show'
Individually designed & handcrafted tiaras
bridal jewellery and accessories.

Poster from the exhibition




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Showing the work of nine designers at the Gallery for the first time, alongside seven established favourites.
For a simple, yet classic style, Sue Lane’s contemporary designs are pure and minimal, with clean lines and soft finishes, whilst Jeremy G Hicks’ seemingly simple gold and silver rings are actually intricately engineered puzzles with diamonds concealed in their centre. Kate Hodgson presents two distinct collections, chunky gold rings wrapped with fine strands of platinum or silver, contrasted with delicate 18ct yellow, white and rose gold rings with tiny diamonds trapped within them.
Amanda Doughty is showing a select group of elegant, sleek rings in 18ct white and yellow gold with diamonds whilst ‘jeweller to the stars’ Malcolm Morris has an entirely new collection of organic ‘pebble’ gold and precious stone rings, complemented by some more masculine shapes. Malcolm is known for the tiara he created for Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love; he has designed a new range of tiaras especially for the show. There is also the chance to see Diana Porter’s new limited edition ‘Elements’ neckpieces featuring connected gold hearts, creamy moonstones and pearls, silver pieces etched with her trademark ‘on and on’ signature, set off by matching earrings.
Other contributors include Catherine Mannheim, showing her hammered 18ct white gold rings with stunning pink sapphires, Angie Boothroyd’s elegant collection of cascading necklaces and earrings, Sarah Lawrence’s fairytale tiaras in silver, pearls and crystals and Mikala Djorup, who presents an exquisite series of gold rings with delicate branches tipped with diamonds, reflecting her fascination with repetition and multitude in nature.

Artists featured in the fourth annual 'Wedding & Valentine Show' include: Angie Boothroyd; Shona Carnegie; Mikala Djorup;
Amanda Doughty; Jeremy G Hicks; Kate Hodgson; Daphne Krinos; Sue Lane; Sarah Lawrence; Catherine Mannheim;
Malcolm Morris; Diana Porter.