Celebrating Twenty Years at Salts Mill
A Fantastical Array of International Art Jewellery

14th July - 25th Sept 2016

Water Strider – brooch in frog’s skin, leather, sterling silver and polymer clay

Water Strider – brooch in frog’s skin, leather, sterling silver and polymer clay

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Yojae Lee

I am just always concerned about how my work combined with two elements, which are negatively thought, is shown to them, for my work is to make insects using animals' skins as a major material. Sometimes the public tell me my works are very interesting, but they often ignore them by reason that they are scary or detestable. I didn't intend to make my works beautiful or scary, however, the public just see them with their own eyes. I think it very interesting and fun. Whenever I have an exhibition, I work expecting those showing various reactions.

The trail near my house teems with old trees. Walking this trail, I can see a variety of plants and insects. I have a habit of closely observing even a little thing, that I watch intently even dead bodies of insects. This gives me inspiration to study many forms.

Biographical Details

20/20 Featuring work by twenty International Art Jewellers:
Carina Shoshtary, Germany; Sophie Hanagarth, Switzerland/France; Tithi Kutchamuch, Thailand;
Yojae Lee, South Korea; Jing Yang, China; Hee-ang Kim, South Korea; Deborah Rudolph, Germany;
Akiko Kurihara, Japan; Christoph Straube, Germany; Esther Suares Ruiz, Colombia; Ignasi Cavaller, Spain; Julia Baudler, Germany; Niklas Link, Germany; Thanh Truc Nguyen, Germany; Nils Hint, Estonia;
Patricia Domingues
, Portugal; Makiko Mitsunari, Japan; Lucie Houdkova, Czech Republic;
Klara Sipkova
, Czech Republic; Julie Decubber, France.