Celebrating Twenty Years at Salts Mill
A Fantastical Array of International Art Jewellery

14th July - 25th Sept 2016

Torque Fraise Noir – necklace from 19th Century faïence plate and polyester

Torque Fraise Noir – necklace from 19th Century faïence plate and polyester

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Julie Decubber

My fondness for jewellery was born through a long journey. Unknown places, curious objects and experiments led me to discover that materials have a vocabulary of their own. Further to those discoveries I felt the need to tell about them by sanctifying materials, turning them into small objects that will accompany us through our lives.

My jewels are telling about the emotional connection and curiosity arisen by the encounter with a place, something or someone. My work aims at highlighting what is precious in ordinary objects. I now live in Paris, nonetheless the journey continues through my pieces.

The two torques symbolize the old ruffs.

The ruff was an accessory worn by bourgeois and nobles in the 16th century, designed to highlight the wearer.'s face . It took a multiplicity of forms that changed depending on the carrier, religion, nationality and age. I wanted to create an unclassifiable ruff, which mocks the conventions. For that I turned an old plate of the 19th century (valuable utility object) and I associated a textile work to soften and break up the rythm. The final piece appears timeless, it questions about its origin and gently teases the agreed ideas.

Biographical Details

20/20 Featuring work by twenty International Art Jewellers:
Carina Shoshtary, Germany; Sophie Hanagarth, Switzerland/France; Tithi Kutchamuch, Thailand;
Yojae Lee, South Korea; Jing Yang, China; Hee-ang Kim, South Korea; Deborah Rudolph, Germany;
Akiko Kurihara, Japan; Christoph Straube, Germany; Esther Suares Ruiz, Colombia; Ignasi Cavaller, Spain; Julia Baudler, Germany; Niklas Link, Germany; Thanh Truc Nguyen, Germany; Nils Hint, Estonia;
Patricia Domingues
, Portugal; Makiko Mitsunari, Japan; Lucie Houdkova, Czech Republic;
Klara Sipkova
, Czech Republic; Julie Decubber, France.