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Ten New Graduates Finding Beauty in Hidden Places

17th Nov - 29th Jan 2012

‘Spare Scroll Collection’- Brooch in gold plated copper with silver earring scrolls
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Rachel Jones

Recently graduated from Middlesex University, Rachel Jones takes a personal approach to jewellery. Interacting with friends, family and often strangers allows Rachel to create sensitive and personal work. Her graduate collection focuses on stories of lost jewellery. Using collected tales of losing jewellery Rachel creates new pieces often involving familiar existing items of jewellery, creating a juxtaposed of the lost, unwanted, functional and the new.

“I lost something a few weeks ago in the middle of dinner with sixteen people. I stopped everyone eating and we all got on the floor to search for it. I was devastated and felt a heart wrenching loss, which linked it to the loss of my Grandma. Luckily I found the piece and the relief was overwhelming and it increased the importance of the piece. I had realized what I almost lost.” 

Stories such as this trigger Rachel to create a response in the form of new piece of jewellery. Drawing upon the emotional trauma of losing something personal to us that is irreplaceable, causes Rachel seek and create new pieces of jewellery in order to prevent future loss.

“From collecting stories I have found the majority of women have, at some point in their life lost at least one piece of jewellery. The emotions described such as panic, distress and even dread by the storytellers has inspired my graduate collection. Not only is the collection a group of familiar looking fine jewellery but it is also a group of functional objects.”

Replacement Lost Earrings inspired by Emily Hewitt’s story

Earrings, I loose them all the time, mostly from dropping them and no matter how plain the floor, trying to find one is stupidly impossible! I have so many mismatched ones, they just sit in my jewellery box. I don’t really wear them but I can’t throw them away either.


Spare Pearl Necklace inspired by Marisa McLuckie’s story

I inherited a beautiful pearl ring and teardrop pearl earring set when my Grandma passed. One day I noticed a pearl had fallen out of the gold earring setting. I couldn't afford to replace the pearl and it wouldn't have be same not having been hers. Then just last week the pearl fell out of the ring never to be seen again, so I now just have the original setting.

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