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Ten New Graduates Finding Beauty in Hidden Places

17th Nov - 29th Jan 2012

‘Dandelion’- Earrings in stainless steel
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Nicola Mather

Nicola is a designer jeweller maker who specialises in stainless steel structures combined with gemstones and pearls to create delicate, sculptural jewellery which is functional but unique.

The designs are often generated from interests in repetition of a single form and extensive experimentation of material. By combining linear forms with vibrant gemstones Nicola intends to mirror the delicate qualities of organic structures whilst adding her own unique style. The jewellery is beautifully intricate but deceptively resilient combining form and movement.

Nicola’s stainless steel designs can be personalised using precious metals (excluding silver) with various gemstones which are available on a commission basis.

Nicola also produces one-off sterling silver designs which are etched with her own personal prints she develops using collected seeds, mushrooms and pods as a printing tool. For more information please contact the gallery.

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