Rust, Dust & Belly Button Fluff

Ten New Graduates Finding Beauty in Hidden Places

17th Nov - 29th Jan 2012

Four ‘Teapots’- Found objects artfully assembled
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Mirjana Smith

Mirjana Smith is just emerging into the art and craft world recently graduating from her Contemporary Crafts BA at University College Falmouth where she has focused on assemblage art from found objects for her degree show work. The use of second hand and discarded objects is paramount in Mirjana’s work. She constructs her pieces from bought found and discarded teapots, kettles and other kitchenalia, combining these with unusual joining methods to create quirky, original and witty characterized assemblages.

Mirjana's interests lie within second hand objects and the familiararity humans have with objects. She enjoys the collectiveness of assemblage and the illusion of function; she demonstrates this playful energy through combining and juxtaposing objects.

Coming from a childhood where Mirjana had always been surrounded by grandparents’ precious teapot and ornament collections, she remembers the stories told to her about these curious objects and where they had come from. This has become more and more obvious in Mirjana’s assemblages and she hopes that the history of an object and where it came from may be something questioned when viewing these pieces.

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