Rust, Dust & Belly Button Fluff

Ten New Graduates Finding Beauty in Hidden Places

17th Nov - 29th Jan 2012

‘Bristle’- Brooch in silver
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Michelle Oh

Michelle Oh is an Indonesian designer / maker based in East London. Her work is often inspired by the quotidian and the commonplace, with a special emphasis on the relationships around her.

In this particular series (We Were Here), textures encountered within a domestic life were moulded and cast into precious permanent copies of the memories attached to them. This is her invitation for you to celebrate the everyday.

Info for interested buyers

Interested in creating jewellery that is meaningful using memories that are valuable to the wearer, Michelle prefers to work on a bespoke made-to-order basis. If you are interested in owning a special piece which contains textures from a specific object or place, please contact the gallery to discuss your ideas.

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