A Glamorous Christmas Showcase

17th Nov - 29th Jan 2012

Ring in silver and 24ct gold ring with aquamarine
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Josef Koppmann

The new collection is predominantly made from sterling silver overlaid with 24ct gold using traditional techniques. The smooth, tactile finishes of the silver offset the abstract textures of the fine gold revealing its natural beauty and lustre. Adding differently coloured golds to silver, such as rose, yellow and white in 18 and 22ct subtler contrasts between these noble materials are achieved.

Vibrant bolder opals, aquamarines and transparent quartz with copper coloured, black or golden, needle formations are often at the centre of clean, well defined forms drawn from urban modern architecture and flowing organic shapes.
Unusual root hematite and pyrite slate are new elements to the collection, all set in pure 24ct gold with accents of white or fancy coloured diamonds.

Each piece is hand made with dedicated, caring craftsmanship creating an expression of unique style and personality for the brave and adventurous.

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