Ten Top Graduates Test Their Talents

15th Nov - 27th Jan 2019

Curiosity - earrings in recycled plastics

Curiosity - earrings in recycled plastics

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Curiosity is something that always has driven me to create, explore and achieve goals in life. I am on a never-ending journey to find new ways to express myself and contribute to my surroundings and their influence on our daily lives. This has been my goal since childhood with training in drawing, sculpture and painting, and it encouraged me to overcome most of my obstacles and continuously learn towards my dream – making jewellery.

All of my wearable art collection is something taken from daily life, usually, people get surprised when they learn about my material research. Most of it was taken and up-cycled from my dad’s garage or other various places at homes or just donated as unwanted objects to me by local businesses. In my work, I am transforming the mundane life and materials to more unexpected and treasured objects.

My making processes start with curiosity for new materials and taking apart found objects. I can never be sure of what I will find and how it will influence my collection. I do enjoy this moment of uncertainty and problem solving most as it has so much potential and spontaneity. By empowering discarded and unwanted objects in my work, I not only give them new meaning but also employ the sentimental value to my work, because it already has its story and previous life. My favourite materials to work with are fans, ventilators and PVC tubing. PVC tubing allows me to mould it into desired shapes and forms, meanwhile, fans provide me with a more manmade approach. Only for the final effect I spray colours and varnish them, combining with sterling silver and gold leaf details.
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THE PLAYGROUND - Ten Top Graduates Test Their Talents: Ailsa Morrant, Glasgow School of Art; Naia Conde, University of the Creative Arts, Rochester; Rebekah Wilson, Ulster University; Sandra Zinkute, Glasgow School of Art;
Sam Phelps
, Staffordshire University; Xiaoyu Guan, Central Saint Martins; Rebecca Gee, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design; Shona Dobie, Glasgow School of Art; Claire Mclean, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design; Rebecca Ridley, Nottingham Trent University.