Alternative Wedding Show 2015 Rings...The Changes
26th April - 28th June

Tiara in faux pearls

Tiara in faux pearls

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Nicola Perkins

Nicola Perkins has been creating custom-made jewellery for over 10 years. Following four years training in London in silversmithing and jewellery design, Nicola has developed an innovative style which blends delicate femininity with high fashion to create beautiful one off pieces. Nicola's inspirations range from fabric prints of the early 19th century to modern day architecture, while her jewellery embraces seasonal fashion trends yet retaining a timeless elegance. Her unmistakably feminine pieces lend themselves perfectly to bridal wear. Nicola has handcrafted jewellery for leading names in both the fashion and beauty world and her designs have featured at an array of celebrity weddings.

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Rings...The Changes introduces four fabulous jewellers whose work defies tradition: Clara Breen; Hanna Tommola; Deborah Cadby and Jeanne Marell.
The 14th Alternative Wedding Show also presents precious collections by a range of renowned jewellers including:
Mark Nuell
; Mirri Damer; David McCaul; Natalie Jane Harris; James Newman; Poppy Dandiya; Malcolm Morris;
Graeme McColm; Jacqueline Mina; Victoria Walker; Paul Finch; Adele Taylor; Ruth Bridges; Pamela Dickinson; Mia Chicco; Mikala Djorup; Jacks Design; Josef Koppmann; Maneggi;
Chris Boland
; Diana Porter; Kate Smith; Iain Henderson; Michael Carberry; Sara Bukumunhe;
Nicola Perkins. A selection of tiaras also available.