Alternative Wedding Show 2015 Rings...The Changes
26th April - 28th June

Rings in gold with diamonds and fused with platinum

Rings in gold with diamonds and fused with platinum

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Jacqueline Mina OBE

Jacqueline Mina is one of the most significant artist goldsmiths working in the UK today. She was awarded the 15K Jerwood Applied Arts Prize for Jewellery in 2000 for ‘consistent innovation and a significant contribution to contemporary jewellery… for subverting and taking precious metal techniques to the extreme’. She has also just received an OBE for services to Art.
We are honoured to be able to show a small collection of her fabulous pieces at Salts Mill. Each shows Jacqueline’s uniquely free and innovative approach to precious materials. Her technical brilliance, allied with her strong artistic curiosity has resulted in a range of sensuous, understated work, which has a rare aesthetic presence in the field of contemporary gold jewellery.
Of her work she says: “I aim to achieve an aesthetic result that obscures the technical rigours of its production. I am preoccupied mainly with the surfaces of precious metals (which I always affect in some way before construction begins) and with form - juxtaposing the play of light, reflection, lustre with characteristic angle, curve and line - inspired by an abstraction of nature and art, and particularly of the human form. I am intrigued, too, by the potential for dialogue between inner and outer planes, with random patterns imprisoned within strictly delineated edges and the visual tension created by the contrast and harmony of all these factors.”

Her jewellery can be found in private collections worldwide and in major museums ranging from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London to the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

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Rings...The Changes introduces four fabulous jewellers whose work defies tradition: Clara Breen; Hanna Tommola; Deborah Cadby and Jeanne Marell.
The 14th Alternative Wedding Show also presents precious collections by a range of renowned jewellers including:
Mark Nuell
; Mirri Damer; David McCaul; Natalie Jane Harris; James Newman; Poppy Dandiya; Malcolm Morris;
Graeme McColm; Jacqueline Mina; Victoria Walker; Paul Finch; Adele Taylor; Ruth Bridges; Pamela Dickinson; Mia Chicco; Mikala Djorup; Jacks Design; Josef Koppmann; Maneggi;
Chris Boland
; Diana Porter; Kate Smith; Iain Henderson; Michael Carberry; Sara Bukumunhe;
Nicola Perkins. A selection of tiaras also available.