Alternative Wedding Show 2015 Rings...The Changes
26th April - 28th June

Rings in 18ct gold and silver set with precious stones

Rings in 18ct gold and silver set with precious stones

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Adele Taylor

I’m an obsessive hoarder, I pick up interesting objects usually because of their texture, (I always have pockets full of rubbish) from rusting washers, to bits of broken car indicator plastic. I then cast these objects in silver and 18 ct gold to create a piece of jewellery or as part of a small scale object, such as a tiny flower vase just big enough for a single flower.
Often these hoarded objects are a reminder of a time when things were gathered, on a holiday for example, and therefore the piece of jewellery has a hidden significance.
My family have now joined in with the gathering of things which is perpetuating and evolving a continuous evolution of my work.

Platinum ring from the hoardings range is one of the winners of the Platinum Collection Design Innovation Award 2003, organized by NCA Ltd.

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Rings...The Changes introduces four fabulous jewellers whose work defies tradition: Clara Breen; Hanna Tommola; Deborah Cadby and Jeanne Marell.
The 14th Alternative Wedding Show also presents precious collections by a range of renowned jewellers including:
Mark Nuell
; Mirri Damer; David McCaul; Natalie Jane Harris; James Newman; Poppy Dandiya; Malcolm Morris;
Graeme McColm; Jacqueline Mina; Victoria Walker; Paul Finch; Adele Taylor; Ruth Bridges; Pamela Dickinson; Mia Chicco; Mikala Djorup; Jacks Design; Josef Koppmann; Maneggi;
Chris Boland
; Diana Porter; Kate Smith; Iain Henderson; Michael Carberry; Sara Bukumunhe;
Nicola Perkins. A selection of tiaras also available.