5th February - 2nd May 2006
'Wedding & Valentine Show'
Individually designed & handcrafted
bridal jewellery, tiaras and accessories.

Leeds Guide, Feb 2006 Review of Wedding Show
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22 February 2006

Review Kath Libbert Jewellery Wedding Show
Don't be a gem doughnut, pick up a sparkler at a unique wedding show
What price quality jewellery? Well Gerald Ratner once claimed that a prawn sandwich was more expensive than some of the earrings his firm was responsible for; but then that's not to say you can't find that perfect gem at the right price.
When trying to purchase the ultimate diamond to adorn your future bride's hand or matching bands that befit the importance of your impending union, the chances are you will find yourself, nose pressed, outside the window of a high street jewellery chain. But then is there an alternative to simply buying the same ring as the next person? Where only the size of the rock will indicate how much your loved one means to you?
Yes there is. Contemporary is a word that often puts the wind up a number of folk. It can sit alongside such words as visionary, radical; even different. Kath Libbert Jewellery at Salts Mill offers the finest contemporary wedding jewellery, but with a softer touch and in a fantastic setting. A trip to Salts Mill is worth it just for the food and the artwork on display. When you add retailers like Kath in to the equation, then it takes a lot of the formality out of making such an important decision; like buying an engagement ring.
The current wedding show allows you to break from traditional styles even further. It also offers the opportunity to add a touch of class and extravagance to the wedding party's outfits with elegant tiaras and jewellery designed with bridesmaids in mind. Designers such as Malcolm Morris - the jeweller of choice to stars, film industry and one of the Leeds Guide team - as well as local talent Sarah Collins, Catherine Mannheim and her classic styles, and Kate Smith will all be displaying new and creative designs during this romantic time of year.
Kath is available most days to discuss any special needs you may have, or simply to show you round their current collections.
Until 2 May, Kath Libbert Jewellery, Salts Mill, Saltaire
Chris King
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