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23th May - 7th July 2013

Yorkshire Post Mag. . My Yorkshire. . Sally Cox
Yorkshrie Post, 13th July 2013
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Yorkshire Post Magazine,
My Yorkshire….

13th July 2013

Sally Cox is an up and coming silversmith. Born in Leeds, she now lives in Bingley and works closely with Kath Libbert Jewellery based in Salts Mill.

What's your first Yorkshire memory?
Having been born in Leeds, I have many fond memories of the county. One that really stands out is sitting with the lions on top of their majestic plinths outside the Town Hall watching the 1994 Leeds International Classic cycle race with my family. We had spent the day following the race and waving our yellow flags. We also sat on a dry stone wall on one of the bends of the course between Ilkley and Menston watching excitedly as all these bikes whizzed past.
What's your favourite part of the county - and why?
Wharfedale is an amazing place. It's only a short journey from home, but the landscape couldn't be more different. I have spent many days walking, riding or cycling in the area's hills and valleys. Driving past Kilnsey Cragg is always impressive be it in the glare of the midday sun or during the winter when it is dripping in icicles. It is such a strong feature of the landscape and never fails to take your breath away.

What's your idea of a perfect day, or a perfect weekend, out in Yorkshire?
Seaside trips to the east coast have always been a favourite excursion. Even simple pleasure like collecting shells, pebbles and the occasional fossil with my partner and the dogs somehow always seems to to turn
into an adventure.
Do you have a favourite walk - or view?
I love the canal. You can see such a variety of things on walks along it from the amazing engineering of the locks and bridges to the natural beauty of the wildlife and the rolling views on either side. I live in Bingley and will often walk along the canal to work at Kath Libbert Jewellery in Salts Mill. I know it will be a good day when I see the Mandarin duck that is often found on this stretch of the waterway!
Which Yorkshire stage or screen star, past or present would you like to take for dinner?
I would take Michael Palin. He would
have so many amazing tales to tell of places to go and people to see that the evening should be one to remember.
What do you think gives Yorkshire its unique identity?
I think places are made by people and
Yorkshire is lucky to have an enormous amount of warm, honest and friendly people.
Do you have a favourite restaurant or pub?
Melton's Too in York is lovely. I have a lot of family in the city and it has become a favourite place to go. It serves seasonal local produce in a beautiful building which used to be an old saddler's workshop. The exposed bricks and beams create a really charming place.

Do you have a favourite food shop?
I love Leeds Market. The colours and textures of the produce are only part of the visual feast on offer within the ornate walls of the setting. There's also the welcome distraction from the mundane task of food shopping, in the bric-a-brac stalls filled with trinkets and curios which add their own excitement.
How do you think that Yorkshire haschanged, for better or for worse, inthe time that you've known it?
Despite always considering Yorkshire home, I would find it hard to tell what has changed. My appreciation for the county has grown as I discover more of its many wonders. Yorkshire has always been a great place to be and I think that will remain, but what will change is the number of people who know of its brilliance.
Who is the Yorkshire person that you most admire?
A silversmith called Cameron Maxfiled. He is such a creative talent and a genuinely great Yorkshire man with a generous nature. Max has been a big support to me as a young silversmith. He has such a depth of technical knowledge that he willingly shares and encourages you to challenge yourself.
Has Yorkshire influenced your work?
Being Yorkshire born and bred, I have undoubtedly been influenced by the people and places that surround me. Flowing lines and sculptural qualities in the landscape never cease to amaze me. I also find the striking architecture found in our towns and cities to be equally impressive. I think that it is the balance between these two elements that makes my silver collection full of elegant lines and graceful forms.
Name your favourite Yorkshire book/Author/artist/CD/performer.Sheffield born David Mellor, at heart a brilliant craftsman but he has also turned his eye to a number of design jobs showing an amazing versatility. He is best known for his cutlery which can be seen as it is being made in The Round Building at Hathersage nestled in the Peak District. This is a unique experience and reveals some of the magic behind the design and production process.
If a stranger to Yorkshire only had time to visit one place, it would be?
Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a stunning place to visit. Set in incredible and extensive grounds it has a variety of seasonal exhibitions showcasing a diverse range of work. With work by Moore, Hepworth and many others dotted though the landscape there is nothing more enticing than gently strolling around!
• Sally's silversmithing collection can currently be seen at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery in Salts Mill,Saltaire www.kathlibbertjewellery/

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