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Ilkley Gazette, 8 Nov 2007
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8 NOV 2007

Jenny's sea slug earrings go on show at Salts Mill

JEWELLERY inspired by jellyfish and sea slugs is being displayed at Salts Mill by a Menston designer. The far from traditional glow-in-the-dark items are the work of Jenny Llewellyn, who graduated with a BA (Hons) Jewelley from Middelesex University this summer. Jenny is one of nine new graduates from around the globe, featuring in the Refresh exhibition at the Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery in Saltaire which opens on Sunday and runs until January 27. She is showing a vibrant collection of rings and earring inspired by the luminous colours, amazing shapes and movements of creatures from the deep. Her silicone pieces move with the wearer and glow in the dark to create jewellery that is described as 'playful and very tactile.' Earlier this year Jenny spoke of her work after taking a starring role at Middlesex University's annual art and design exhibition. She said: "The jewellery is based mainly on jellyfish and sea slugs. They don't sound very inspirational but I've done a lot of research and visited lots of aquarlums and the variety of colours you see in them is amazing."
The silicone material she uses has to go through a challenging colouring, curing and casting process before it can be made into jewellery that recreates the glowing properties of sea creatures. The Refresh exhibition also includes rubber gloves as you've never seen them before; coffee cup stains transformed into necklaces; and wire, nails and string becoming things of beauty.
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