Matters of Life & Death

7th July - 25th Sept 2011

Crafts Magazine review

Crafts Magazine, July 18th 2011
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July 18th, 2011

Kath Libbert’s annual summer show (7 July – 25 September) features work by nine jewellers who caught her eye at this year’s Schmuck, the big jewellery event held every year in Munich

Called Matters of Life and Death, the main body of the show looks at how jewellers respond to natural disasters and man-made destruction. But Libbert’s allowed a little bit of humour to lighten up this serious theme, showcasing more joyful work by the likes of Lina Petersen and the pun-loving Japanese jeweller Akiko Kurihara. The work is fascinating with some of the overseas makers probably being new to UK audiences and many of them exploring new materials like Agnes Larssen who works with carbon and horse hair. Look out for Sophie Hanagarth’s Trap jewellery, it’s inspired by wolf traps which she translates into ferocious looking bracelets clamping down on human limbs echoing traps or even sets of teeth. The juxtaposition of these painful looking forms with bare human flesh creates an uneasy, yet faintly sensual effect. Bernhard Lehner also opts for a new approach using cut up weapons, including a Spanish Civil War revolver, to make what he calls ‘symbolic disarmament’ jewellery.

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