15th July - 26th Sept 2010

Yorkshire Post, Wednesday July 7th 2010
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July 7th, 2010
Quirky characters inspire dramatic new looks
Elizabeth Cox
FLORENCE Welch, Van Gough and Cate Blanchett will all be honoured at IntoFlora, a dramatic exhibition of jewellery at the Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery in Saltaire, which features show-stopping pieces created by eight
international designers in homage to inspirational characters.
Creations include a beautifully coloured body sculpture by British
newcomer Mikaela Lyons, inspired by Florence Welch, quirky frontwoman of Florence and the Machine. "The piece encompasses ideas of woman, mother nature and empowerment," says Mikaela.
There's also a myriad of purple paper blossoms which Barcelona jeweller Ana Hagopian has carefully sculpted in dedication to Cate Blanchett, and Masayuki Nagata's contribution of a ring and necklace combination crafted out of rusted iron and inspired by Che Guevara.
Kath Libbert Says: "The work of the eight artists I've chosen is truly a floral feast for the eyes. "And as a bonus their "I'm Into..." pieces offer a fascinating insight into their processes of inspiration" Look out too for a piece from Russia's Natalya Pinchuk, who is known for her exquisite jewellery made from wool, leather, plastic and artificial hair, who themes this creation on American food activist, Michael Pollan.
Anna Atterling (Sweden) offers a beautifully intricate silver crown for her "I'm Into.. Tilde Bjorfors", a circus manager for whom Anna says she would like the crown "to be special, light and sensitive to match a queen like her" and the UK's very own Selina Campbell shows her appreciation of fabric designer Tricia Guild, whose own patterns frequently present floral elements.
• The exhibition runs from July 15-September 26 at Kath Libbert's gallery in Salts Mill, Saltaire. Visit
or call 01274 599790.

Picture Caption:
STRIKING: Mikaela Lyons's Floral Necklace, inspired by Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine, and Natalya Pinchuk's, In Full Bloom.

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