1st July - 31st August 2003
'Great Yorkshire Talent'
A celebration of local contemporary jewellery and a design competition inspired by the Great Yorkshire Show

Leeds Guide, 18 June 2003 review of 'Great Yorkshire Talent'

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18 June 2003

Agri-Culture Club
Wear your farmyard animals with pride!

Thirteen top Yorkshire designers (12 jewellers and a textile artist) come together for a show at Kath Libbert Jewellery at Salts Mill and then tour to the Art Pavilion at the Great Yorkshire Show. They have taken inspiration from the Yorkshire landscape, bees and their hives, characteristics of favourite animals and a collection of vintage agricultural equipment. The collection includes Sara Tunstall's charming silver sheep brooches (I'm sure any self-respecting shepherd wouldn't be seen without one), Chris Philipson gets back to the land with his silver plough brooches, while Leeds' Roger Barnes has created a 'Dream Horse' to carry you away with its magical beauty into a sweet netherworld. No doubt AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh would approve of Genevieve Broughton's honeycomb ring, but given his honey consumption and the fact that this is cut in pure gold perhaps we'd better not let on to him. So, in case the work of Sir Anthony Caro hadn't already persuaded you, art and agriculture are not mutually exclusive. In between the sheep dog trials and show jumping, pig farmers and toffee apple stalls, take a peek at a world of earthy, yet ethereal, beauty (or else squeeze it in with the Hockney at Salts).
1 July to 31 August, Kath Libbert Jewellery, Saltaire and 8-10 July, Great Yorkshire Show, near Harrogate.

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