A Fantastical Array of Art Jewellery Selected From Around the Globe
12th July - 30th Sept 2012
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Celebrating Sixteen Years at Salts Mill

Craft & Design Magazine Preview of 'Flourish'

Craft & Design Magazine Preview of 'Flourish'
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About Us

July/August, 2012

Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery:
12 July - 30 September

With a reputation for showcasing the best in radical contemporary jewellery, (recently described inThe Times Luxx Magazine as 'For clients who want jewels that push boundaries... the antidote to the high street'), Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, based at Salts Mill since 1996, marks her sixteenth birthday with flair!
'Flourish'exhibits a fantastical array of art jewellery selected from around the globe.
From Dutch artist Nina Sajet's surreal transformation of cabbages and sprouts into fine porcelain neckpieces, to South Korean Seulgi Kwon's marvellous delicately tinted intricate silicone organisms that come to life when touched and worn.Textile inspired Francisca Bauza from Germany and Mallorca presents vibrant enamelled floral necklaces whose folds in metal and crimped edges mimic material; Yu-Ping Lin from Taiwan creates playful Origami inspired textile brooches that mutate into bracelets and back again - like jewellery 'Transformers'-they can be worn in a myriad of different ways!
Additionally 100 international jewellers involved with the gallery over the last sixteen years have been invited to each enter an exuberant celebratory ring into
a flamboyant competition called 'FlourishRing!'. Visitors to the gallery will be able to vote for their favourite by trying it on and being photographed modelling it.
These photos will then become part of a growing installation on the walls of the gallery. The 'FlourishRing' that gets the most public votes during the exhibition will win £250.
Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery
Salts Mill, Saltaire,
Bradford BD18 3LA
T:01274 599790

Pictures: Francisca Bauza, Blue Flowers Necklace; and Yu Ping Lin, Inherence in Nature Coral Reef Brooch.

Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, Salts Mill, Saltaire, Bradford BD18 3LA. Tel/Fax 01274 599790. For directions see About Us
Open Monday - Friday 10am - 5.30pm. Weekends 10am - 6pm. Email:info@kathlibbertjewellery.co.uk