7th November - 2nd February 2003
Diverse Jewels from the Continent

Findings, January 2003 review of Euromix
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FINDINGS - The Association for Contemporary Jewellery's quarterly newsletter. January 2003

Euromix: Diverse Jewels from the Continent

Kath Libbert Jewellery, Salts Mill, Saltaire 7 November-3 February
Euromix brings together a diverse collection of unique works from twelve European and four British designer jewellers and metalsmiths. Kath Libbert's shows are always interesting to visit and the show is a feast of colour, with strong form and texture employing a variety of materials and techniques. It is both stimulating and inspiring: some pieces embrace humour, many explore unique innovation, and all are excellently crafted.
On entering, your eyes were immediately drawn to the amazing wall pieces by Welsh designer Julia Griffith-Jones, life size garments made from aluminium and steel, coiled, bent, twisted and painted to resemble textile techniques such as quilting, patchwork, lace and embroidery. The pieces are spot welded to become exuberant representations of skirts and aprons, smocks and even a vase of flowers.
The Spanish jeweller Tensi Solsona's pieces were intriguing in a Dadaesque fashion. His bold deconstructions of paintbrushes and pencils made into funky ear pieces and brooches delight the viewer. The Dutch work also fascinated me. Rian de Jond's playful miniature wooden and metal shoulder ornaments were inspired by her travels; they are organic and beautiful to touch. Stephanie Jendis' brooches each had a title and were playful, almost childlike with mixed materials brought together in an aesthetically appealing way. Another innovative use of material was in Nel Linssen's paper arm and neck pieces, ingeniously folded paper discs creating tactile, sometimes shimmering flickers of colour.
German jeweller Erik Urbschat's stylish and classical pieces were beautifully made. His unconventional 'Hedgehog' ring begs the viewer to touch the mobile spines. Another innovative design was that of his revolving interlocking rings almost like globes, swirling around off the finger but superbly executed precision pieces when worn.
Kath Libbert comments: 'Euromix is largely the result of my own travels throughout Europe over the past few years and the pieces on show are a selection of some of the most original and accomplished work that I've seen. It's also a way of marking the year of the Euro, bringing together at Salts Mill some of Europe's top designers in a vibrant show celebrating our creative diversity.' I can highly recommend a visit to this refreshing and diverse exhibition - it's on till early February. Eve Redmond

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