7th November - 2nd February 2003
Diverse Jewels from the Continent

Metro, 7 November 2002 Q&A review of Euromix
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7 November 2002

Q&A Kath Libbert
After spending more than 20 years as a practising psychologist, Kath Libbert (pictured) quit her counselling job in Leeds to pursue her other love - jewellery - full time. She is the founder of contemporary jewellery gallery Kath Ubbert Jewetlery, and her new exhibition, EuroMix: Jewels From The Continent, starts today.
What's the link between psychology and jewellery? They're both very creative in different ways, but I'm not sure why I made the leap from psychology to jewellery! I suppose it's because it's tangible and crafted. I feel an affinity with the larger exhibition pieces. I find jewellery challenging and stimulating - and the projects I'm working on now are very liberating.
Do you psychoanalyse every piece of jewellery that comes into your gallery? Certainly not! But I do use the same skills - connecting with people is very important for building good relationships with designers.
What do you look for in a jewellery designer? I look for people who are doing something a little bit different. In our new exhibition, we have pieces by Felieke Van Der Leest, whose jewellery is crocheted. I also look for unusual materials, spirit, humour and discipline. All the jewellers we've exhibited have been very disciplined. I'm not so much driven by the commercial side of things - first and foremost it has to be exciting.
You tend to exhibit more European than British designers. Why's that? Well, firstly, I like to combine my work with travel - I like to bring things back that have excited me when I've gone travelling - and there is such exciting work in Europe. They have different training and a different temperament.
Justine Brooks
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