11th November - 31st January 2005
'Czech It Out'
Jewellery and Sculpture from
The Czech Republic

Telegraph & Argus, November 2004 preview of Czech It Out

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FASHION by Sally Clifford

Czech jeweller Barbora Kalisova has given the underwire bra a whole new meaning. Her erotic aluminium and steel bra promises to be a showstopper at Czech It Out, the latest exhibition showcasing foreign jewellers' talents at Kath Libbert's Jewellery Gallery in Salts Mill, Saltaire. Barbora is one of 13 Czech jewellers whose work Kath has brought to Britain. For Kath there's some sentimental attachment to her latest venture. Her mother is a Jewish Czechand her family lived in the same small village for hundreds of years until they were forced to leave in 1938 due to the Nazi threat. She has returned to her family's former home many times and is now keen to provide a platform for Czech jewellers to showcase their talents. The exhibition opens to the public on Thursday when visitors will be able to Czech out the bra as well as a wide range of other unique sculptural pieces. Bone rings and a plastic fishing wire and steel brooch are among the more unusual creations. Says Kath: "The designers' resourcefulness and determination are borne out of circumstances; there is very little financial support for contemporary jewellers in the Czech Republic and hardly any contemporary jewellery galleries. I wanted to help promote this work more widely as I found it very exciting and compelling for its ingenuity and refreshing candour. The jewellery also often becomes a vehicle to communicate personal and, at times, political stories which were fascinating. I hope the exhibition will give visitors a real taste of all of this."

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