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Leeds Guide, Dec 2005 Preview of Cracker
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December 2005

Preview Cracker
A cracking selection of jewellery and crafts just in time for Christmas
Don't get me wrong, 'Cracker' was an amazing piece of popular television (and due for a comeback if our spies in TV land are anything to go by). Its gritty realism was unsurpassed and Robbie Coltrane's booze-swilling, ladyloving anti-hero Fitz was an important lesson in addictive behaviour if ever there was one. But for all its favourable reviews, it was all a bit grim up north, and has forever linked a word that should be fun and festive with a depressing world of slain prostitutes and overweight Scottish drunks. Still, a sparkling new collection at the Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery in Salt's Mill is set to put the razzle dazzle back, with a bumper crop of pieces from 19 different designers. Gathering plenty of tempting bits and pieces together, it's just the thing for the festive season, and the array of work means there's something for everyone, from your flamboyant Aunt Wendy to your stylish older sis. To look prettier than the fairy on the tree, adorn yourself with the creations of Silvia Piva; decadent pieces made from precious metals and stones, which are a world apart from your usual Christmas baubles. Get set to sparkle with Sarah Lawrence's hammered silver, or try Gill Newton's glamorous rings, bangles and earrings in brushed silver and gold. Think dangIy chandeliers might make a butch bloke like you look camp? Try Chris Phillipson's silver textured cufflinks, or if jewellery's not for you, a framed textile wall piece by Dionne Swift - perfect for your posh riverside pad. If you're after something completely different (and have warm, fuzzy feelings for the DIY bits on 'Blue Peter'), Deb Price's woolly wonders should suit. Fashioned from buttons, blankets and jumper sleeves, their bright furriness will brighten up the dullest winter coat. Similarly, Sarah Chiltern's bold resin pieces (everything from chunky necklaces to 'multi-finger' rings) may contain quaint countryside scenes but are an example of modern jewellery at its most creative. Still loving that make-and-do vibe? Rebecca Barnes' love of tea drinking and the etiquette surrounding it has influenced her delicate rings and things made from porcelain; Tanvi Kant creates necklaces from thin strips of sari fabric; and Katie Clarke makes conversation-starting creations from bright beads and feathers. Still not satisfied? Browse designs from other artists, including Leom Heath, Natalie Ryde, Blanka Sperkova, Marketa Sumannova and Naomi Shepphard. Gallery owner Kath Libbert emphasises her enjoyment of this collection by saying, "It has been great fun selecting the work for Cracker, both revisiting gallery favourites to discuss new collections and discovering amazing new talents that I can't wait to showcase in the exhibition. It really does make for a cracking combination!"
Until 29 January, Kath Libbert Jewellery, Salts Mill, Saltaire
Gayle Hetherington

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