11th Nov - 27th Jan 2008

Magnetic 'Tropical' necklaces/belts - Perspex, rubber
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About Us

Iris De la Torre

The way I see things, the world of nature and animals inspires and dominates my work which is
filtered from my strong Mexican background. Shapes and forms combined with vibrant colours
become the main theme of my designs. A graphic style that becomes personal language is
translated into geometrical shapes. Squares and circles are constant keys that in repetition
become patterns and evolve to create fun exciting objects.

Born and raised in Mexico has given me the opportunity to develop an interest in the iconography
of my culture, the sense of naive portrayed in the traditional arts and crafts as well as a passion
for colour. My keen motivation to design is the joy I obtain from it but most importantly to be able to
reach people through my work and to be able to share my Mexican heritage

Biographical Details

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