11th Nov - 27th Jan 2008

'Gold Chair' brooch - silver, 18ct gold, fish skin, driftwood
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About Us

Helga Mogensen

I read somewhere that the work most personal to the individual maker also tends to be the work that people will be most interested in. Personally, I feel, this is as it should be, and the only way it could be. From my perspective, it makes perfect sense to create something that fosters enjoyment as the necessary means to yielding a true artistic connection within the final result. The nature of symbols and drawings which have influence my attempts over the past several years are personal and therefore come through in my body of work as such. What I have created is a reflection softly symbolic of that which touches my sensitivities.

Objects such as tiny chairs quietly represent people and places which are missing from my life or conversely represent the ‘me’ who has gone missing instead. The idea of ‘home’ is pivotal to my work since being so far away from home makes me appreciate its subtle nuances. Things like how much I miss mum’s home-cooking no doubt served as the inspiration for all the tiny forks I have made this year. Whatever the final result, rest assured, a personal sense emphasising a comfort of home has been communicated and imparted to the piece.

The body of work also reflects a strong relationship with my family and our special retreat in the countryside of Iceland, were my connection with this place and its’ important significance in my life is represented through my works’ use of driftwood and fish skin. The lake house with its’ seclusion and closeness to nature, far away from the outside world, make it a profoundly stimulating place were I return whenever I seek inspiration.

My jewellery and personal portfolio are connected through the use of colour and subject matter. The repeated use of certain colour and shapes in both areas of study was not intentional, but rather developed naturally as this is the subject matter that most captures my attention. Overall, my work suggests small things that are of great importance to me and therefore represent an honest pursuit to personalize my work through the truly meaningful things in my life.

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Artists taking part in 'Refresh' are: Min-Ji Cho, Christine Kaltoft, Helga Mogensen, Momoko Kumai, Anna Deacon, Sian Anwyl Williams, Antonella Giomarelli, Jenny Llewellyn, Iris De La Torre.
Artists taking part in 'Collectable 4 Christmas' are Bettina Speckner, Germany; Poppy Dandiya, India/UK; Marianne Anderson, Scotland; Xavier Ines Monclus, Spain.