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Ring in silver and 22ct gold set with diamonds and an Andean opal

Ring in silver and 22ct gold set with diamonds and an Andean opal

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Natalie Jane Harris

The inspiration for my work is drawn from many different sources including modern architecture, geometric forms and astrology. A project investigating light, reflection and movement during my degree at Loughborough University also continues to influence my choice of stones and metals today. I like to incorporate the rich, vibrant colours of the stones and beads into pieces of jewellery which show off their beauty in a subtle way, always ensuring the stones remain the focal point. I use traditional jewellery making techniques to create both one-off pieces and ranges of jewellery in silver, 18ct and 22ct gold.

I was privileged to be able to work alongside renowned jeweller Malcolm Betts in London, where I gained confidence and experience working with platinum and precious stones. This enables me to offer clients a bespoke engagement and wedding ring service. I also welcome the opportunity to re-make or re-set clients stones into new, more contemporary pieces.
I aim to produce jewellery that is both contemporary and wearable, the simplicity of my style coupled with a high standard of craftsmanship ensures that pieces can be worn for many years.

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A selection of tiaras also available.