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'Mobius’ ring in fine silver

'Mobius’ ring in fine silver

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Michael Carberry

My aim is to create work that reflects the process of its construction, allowing the surface qualities produced to trace their own development. Hammer and file marks are not removed, so creating a visual reference to illustrate the techniques and physical properties of my work. This intuitive approach to manipulate metal helps to capture a feeling of spontaneity and freshness contained within the resulting artefacts. The pieces look as if they have grown from the metal; they are hammered and forged into strong bold sculptural forms that capture the force and energy involved in the process of making them.

Fused Rings
The initial idea for this series of work was to make a ring without soldering.
I don’t mind soldering, but I was just trying to think of a different approach to making a ring.
I wanted the ring to be whole with no break or weakness, and as a result of the process of construction, the ends when fused form a joint which in turn creates a setting.
The rings have a medieval appearance – almost as if they have been found or just dug up.

Mobius Rings
The idea for this series of rings came when I was mucking about with an elastic band - pulling, stretching and twisting it around my finger.
I then thought it would be fun to see if it was possible to create a ring out of a continuous band of fine silver just like an elastic band. Once I had created the continuous loop, I either wrapped it as one piece, or I broke it before wrapping it and overlapping it, hence the other name of ‘wrap and overlap’ for this series of rings.

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