15th Nov - 27th Jan 2013

Magnetic brooches in resin with line drawings
Magnetic brooches in resin with line drawings
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My childhood growing up in the Far and Middle East exposed me to a variety of cultures at an early age, the many vivid imagery and colours have remained with me. Line, pattern, material and most importantly simple, fresh and honest colours are all attributes that I collate to nourish and inspire my own original ideas.

I capture and translate the extensive imagery from everyday life through photography and drawing.  Examples have included cacti, carousels, the funfair, Parisian bird markets, perfume bottles, puppet museum, stained glass windows, tiles, antique shop fronts and lanterns amongst many others.  I use techniques such as mono-printing to construct quick and fitting line drawings.  These line drawings are vital to my creative process as a jeweller and are used in a collage of materials.

I work primarily in resin, working freely and organically with the material, mimicking my handling of the pen to create a base with which to work.  The line created with the piercing of the saw blade or the shape created with the acetate mould is likened to my line drawings.  I then interpret these resin drawings with materials such as different coloured resins, flock, precious stones and gold.

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Artists taking part in OUT THE BLUE are: Francesca Flynn, Glasgow School of Art; Mariko Sumioka, Edinburgh College of Art; Joanna Hemsley, RCA, London; Cristina Zani, Edinburgh College of Art; Amy Logan, Sheffield Hallam University; Heather Woof, Edinburgh College of Art; Yannan Song, Central St Martins, London; Nabla Pall, Edinburgh College of Art; Marek Svana, De Montfort University, Banbury.