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9th Nov - 28th Jan 2018

Emotion Dialogue – choker in acrylic, heat sensitive materials and steel wire

Emotion Dialogue – choker in acrylic, heat sensitive materials and steel wire

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Song Wang


The origin of Song Wang's collection was a concern with the emotional dialogue in groups and how interpersonal relationships between an individual and a group
interact. In this collection, she explores the negative emotions such as anxiety and disgust. When people experience strong emotions, their skin temperature changes. Song designed a series of necklaces and bracelets that indicate temperature changes. She combined heat sensitive materials with acrylic; the color will change when the piece touches the body and the emotions of the wearer become visible.


Artist Statement:
'This work is for some persons who are lack of security. When they walk on the street, they do not know where could put empty hands if without pocket, or if they are always nervous in presentation. This ring will help them overcome and solve these problems. It also can be a brooch.

The other work also have two ways to wear, it can be earring and ring. The material that I used is resin, silver and gold plating. The shape was following the hand shape, and described a condition that people nervous, they will make a fist.'

Biographical Details

IDENTITY - The contemporary jewellery world's next generation make their mark: Adrienn Pesti, Glasgow School of Art; Miki Asai, Glasgow School of Art; Hayley Grafflin, Sheffield Hallam University; Song Wang, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Hannah Lornie, Glasgow School of Art; Evgeniia Balashova, Glasgow School of Art;
Mara Balode
, Glasgow School of Art; Isla Christie, Glasgow School of Art; Paula Treimane, Glasgow School of Art.