Nine New Graduates

9th Nov - 28th Jan 2018

Rings in silver and gold plated silver

Rings in silver and gold plated silver

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Hannah Lornie

Hannah graduated with a BA(Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery from the Glasgow School of Art in June 2017. Her work looks to the natural environment; extracting and manipulating the patterns, textures and coloursto inform her design.From an original source of the lichen Hannah has formed a collection around the transition of image to object creating pieces which highlight her love of surface design.

Her most recent body of work is a material exploration, a merger of the precious and non-precious. Silver always appears next to acetate and acrylic paint often playing a minor supporting role. The paint which forms a cracked surface is an uncontrollable process, a process which can be repeated with an outcome that is unique each time. With an emphasis placed on making objects of interest Hannah ensures every facet of her work has visual interest, allowing the viewer to look and explore the pieces.

Biographical Details

IDENTITY - The contemporary jewellery world's next generation make their mark: Adrienn Pesti, Glasgow School of Art; Miki Asai, Glasgow School of Art; Hayley Grafflin, Sheffield Hallam University; Song Wang, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Hannah Lornie, Glasgow School of Art; Evgeniia Balashova, Glasgow School of Art;
Mara Balode
, Glasgow School of Art; Isla Christie, Glasgow School of Art; Paula Treimane, Glasgow School of Art.