Nine New Graduates
Energize the Jewellery World

12th Sept - 10th Nov 2019

Earrings in embroidered fabric, acrylic and silver

Earrings in embroidered fabric, acrylic and silver

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I am Tianyu Zhao, a contemporary jewellery artist from China. My work explores the traces of my childhood memory. My collection is created as an amulet for adulthood. It will be filled with the happiness of childhood, to protect and bring courage to face the adult world.
I use acrylic, handmade embroidery pattern and painted fabric as an integral part of my creative process. I strive to capture the beauty of this combination. I focus on improving the wearer's sensory experience through their interaction with the piece. 

I want to express that don’t forget the things you once owned, treasure the things you can’t get, don’t give up the things that belong to you and keep those past things in memory..

Biographical Details

FLUX - Nine New Graduates: Jordan Furze, School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University; Ruhong Chen, Edinburgh College of Art; Dong Ding, Edinburgh College of Art; Tianyu Zhao, Edinburgh College of Art;
Louise Mason
, The Cass-London Metropolitan University; Qingyang Shen, Edinburgh College of Art;
William Sharp
, Glasgow School of Art; Poppy Norton, Morley College, London; Holly Stant, University for the Creative Arts, Rochester.