Nine New Graduates
Energize the Jewellery World

12th Sept - 10th Nov 2019

Mirrors of the Alchemist – brooch in brass

Mirrors of the Alchemist – brooch in brass

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Louise is fascinated by Mirrors and is passionate about working with her themes of reflection and distortion.

Louise’s creative process is material driven. A wide range of base and precious metals are used as well as unusual alloys, made by Louise in her furnace. These provide an extensive colour palette, enhanced by heat and chemical treatment.
Ideas are developed through experimentation. The metals are press-formed and sections are polished to a mirror finish, giving a dramatic visual impact.

Louise is interested in the interaction between her work and the viewer, who becomes intimately involved as they are drawn to look at their own image. Incomplete, distorted reflections allow the imagination to play a part and give a mysterious quality to the work.

Biographical Details

FLUX - Nine New Graduates: Jordan Furze, School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University; Ruhong Chen, Edinburgh College of Art; Dong Ding, Edinburgh College of Art; Tianyu Zhao, Edinburgh College of Art;
Louise Mason
, The Cass-London Metropolitan University; Qingyang Shen, Edinburgh College of Art;
William Sharp
, Glasgow School of Art; Poppy Norton, Morley College, London; Holly Stant, University for the Creative Arts, Rochester.