Nine New Graduates
Energize the Jewellery World

12th Sept - 10th Nov 2019

All This – Ring from Faces series in bronze with spray paint

All This – Ring from Faces series in bronze with spray paint

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Through the use of colour, text, and symbolism I voice, record, and explore my social and personal concerns and interests in regards to modernity, politics, and modern deity. I am involved with the ways people and things become elevated beyond the everyday and where these beliefs come from and how they affect us, be this through political stances such as with Brexit or in the fetishization of objects and in turn their veneration.

My current collection is made in response to the ideas of post-truth, fetishization, and the construction of narrative which takes place within the ‘story’ of Brexit. Our heroes and villains, those beyond touch, and those who fall from grace as Brexit unfolds. Constructed intuitively without tools and cast as chunky, dirty objects. Each object holds the marks of making and becomes a deeply personal response; engraved with thoughts and feelings the full narrative of a collection only truly reveals itself upon closer inspection of the constituent entities which make it up.

Biographical Details

FLUX - Nine New Graduates: Jordan Furze, School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University; Ruhong Chen, Edinburgh College of Art; Dong Ding, Edinburgh College of Art; Tianyu Zhao, Edinburgh College of Art;
Louise Mason
, The Cass-London Metropolitan University; Qingyang Shen, Edinburgh College of Art;
William Sharp
, Glasgow School of Art; Poppy Norton, Morley College, London; Holly Stant, University for the Creative Arts, Rochester.