Nine New Graduates
Energize the Jewellery World

12th Sept - 10th Nov 2019

Swiss Mountains necklace - plywood, acrylic, cord

Swiss Mountains necklace - plywood, acrylic, cord

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Holly is a mixed media contemporary jewellery designer and maker from Colchester, Essex. Her main source of inspiration comes from her travels to various, yet significant, destinations. By digging deep into the information she gathers, interesting sources are transformed into wearable art.

Holly’s pieces of jewellery are an assemblage of her own imagery, map symbols, walks and layouts from various maps. Each brooch, or necklace, hold their own story that is meaningful to Holly but that story is open to interpretation.
Colour is a key feature in Holly’s jewellery. She carefully selects colours that either contrast or unite the colours that are depicted in each photograph to bring it to life.

Holly uses a variation of materials such as wood, acrylic and found objects. Her techniques vary from laser cutting and etching, to piercing and to in-laying. All the materials, colours and techniques she uses come together to tell a story.

Biographical Details

FLUX - Nine New Graduates: Jordan Furze, School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University; Ruhong Chen, Edinburgh College of Art; Dong Ding, Edinburgh College of Art; Tianyu Zhao, Edinburgh College of Art;
Louise Mason
, The Cass-London Metropolitan University; Qingyang Shen, Edinburgh College of Art;
William Sharp
, Glasgow School of Art; Poppy Norton, Morley College, London; Holly Stant, University for the Creative Arts, Rochester.