13th NOV 2008 - 30th JAN 2009

‘Puppet’ necklace in white, black and red acrylic
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About Us


Illustration is a visual language, which can communicate with people on a global level. We can understand each other through an image or drawing, without speaking the same language. In this project, I utilize this power of illustration, within my jewellery collection. The accompanying animation creates a narrative in motion and establishes a link between the original illustration and the final jewellery collection. The overall intention was to create ways of representing three-dimensional forms from two-dimensional drawings. The individual objects developed from the animation, suggesting they jump out from the story to be worn with fun.

I made a relationship between jewellery and illustration. I used the things which have appeared in my drawings to make them become jewellery and transfer 2-D lines into 3-D objects. I made an animation to express a story, a scene, a feeling and a meaning, and also used it to give jewellery life and emotion. It will look like everything jumps out from the story and people can wear it with fun. People will feel more interested in wearing my jewellery after seeing my animation. On the other hand, when they see my jewellery, they will have the desire to discover the story, and my animation can help me to express the story.

It is a collection which involves rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, and all the components of this jewellery are developed from my animation. Some of them are one-off pieces and others are production works. In addition, I developed promotional products such as a jewellery keeper, and use my animation as much as possible.

In regard to the animation, the final image of the animation comes from an illustration of a hand and puppet to a picture of a real hand and jewellery puppet; therefore, the animation makes a link to jewellery, and they have relationships between each other. Moreover, when the jewellery is worn, it will have a movement. It is also like that there is an animation which is played on a person’s body, and this also emphasizes the relationship and the link between jewellery and animation.

I have made the animation which is white and black but also colourful, which is dark but also hopeful, and which is eccentric but also easy understanding. I love this contradiction in the same object, and this is what I like to show in this project. Therefore, transforming the animation to jewellery, I like to magnify this conflict. Because of the combination of cold material (acrylic, metal) and warm material (wood, leather, bone), the overall senses of these pieces of jewellery also have strong contrasts. In addition, I only used white, black, clear, and natural color (wood, leather, bone and metal) to keep the jewellery multifold but also simple. With regard to the collection, since the ideas of these objectives are all from the animation, each piece has a very different sense between each other but similar elements and components, and they are serials and articulated to each other.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in 'Curiouser and Curiouser' are: Claire Johnston; Frances Wadsworth-Jones; Iona McCuaig; Leonie Batt; NizA Huang; Sally Pawson; Samantha Queen and Susie Lee.