13th NOV 2008 - 30th JAN 2009

‘Bunnies’ brooches in mixed media
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About Us


From very early on in my history of making Jewellery, colour has been important to me, at first with pieces of glass or beads, but it finally found a way to fully express itself when I started to work with aluminium and all the possibilities of colour and pattern the anodising process provides.

Along with the aluminium being the dominant material I use, I also like to bring in a mix of media, from wool and fabric to precious metals to add different textures, character, and to soften the metal forms.

Animals tend to creep into my work, I believe this stems from having many pets while growing up at home then moving to flats in London with "no pet" rent contracts, I miss them terribly. They were always my 'show and tell' subject at school, from being 11 explaining to a class how a cat's claws worked or doing a project on our tortoises, to bringing my gecko's crickets in for a senior school English speech. So naturally this has continued into my creative assignments, where I am able to portray them in both 2 and 3D.

These pieces were originally inspired by art deco stylized animals – focusing on the hare/rabbit - and graffiti imagery, using the bold and flowing shapes with bright colours. I create a different character with each brooch by the use of print, colour and accessories bringing to them an illustrative quality and a little bit of fun, I always love it when I have finished a piece and have a new little personality in front of me and I hope that the wearer will find a connection with them as well.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in 'Curiouser and Curiouser' are: Claire Johnston; Frances Wadsworth-Jones; Iona McCuaig; Leonie Batt; NizA Huang; Sally Pawson; Samantha Queen and Susie Lee.