16th July - 27th Sept 2009

‘Ginger’ brooch by Sam Tho Duong in silver and nylon with dyed coral stones

‘Ginger’ brooch in silver and nylon with dyed coral stones
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About Us


‘Ginger’ is a collection inspired by an exploration of my family roots. I am from Vietnam though I have lived in Germany since I was a teenager. Ginger has many special properties. Its intense aroma is used to enhance flavours in food and drinks and also for healing. I work with the basic root formation and then develop this through the use of colour and stones.

The aesthetic-Asian view of nature embodied in the work of Sam Tho Duong was one of the key reasons why the 2009 Herbert Hofmann jury decided to award Sam the top prize in the most coveted design competition in the international jewellery scene. His competition necklace was made in the form of twigs from which hung grape-like bunches of blossom. "This piece of jewellery seems to be inspired by the overwhelming fullness of a branch laden down with blossom," was one of the comments by the jury.

The Herbert Hofmann Prize has been presented each year since 1973 as part of the special exhibition SCHMUCK at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich. This annual award, sponsored each year by GHM, Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen, is presented to up to three participants in the exhibition. Alongside the usual catalogue on the current exhibition, for this year´s 50th anniversary a special documentation has been published about all the prize-winners since 1973.

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