16th July - 27th Sept 2009

‘Roof’, ‘Terrace’, ‘Sun’ rings by Dorothea Brill in steel with 18ct gold thread

‘Roof’, ‘Terrace’, ‘Sun’ rings in steel with 18ct gold thread
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About Us


Understanding the making of jewelry as a playground

Dealing with things in a playful manner has become the main thread of my work.
To me, playful means staying on the risky path of remaining between seriousness and lightness, and also not allowing the work to become too serious nor too trivial.
The nature of playfulness is very much related to the artistic process, and that itself is again related to experimentation. Next to all calculations and strategies in the experiment I have learned to appreciate the coincidence as an important player: Excepting the unexpected and seeing possibility of discovering new things.
In this way the process of working and designing is placed close to another and are unmutually conditional, it is not even possible to separate them.
“play-things” (toys):
As in case of the game where everything can become a toy; so too for jewelry where everything – also unusual things – can become an adorning element.
It does not play a role whether gold or silver or materials such as iron, rubber, glass or aluminum are going to make the jewelry “shiny”.
The most important thing is its liveliness.
Lively through its openess, through its possibility to carry phantasy and to evoke own associations – just freely.

In this way my works are developed which tempt the wearer away from a conventional thinking and welcome them into another world of new ideas.

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