16th July - 27th Sept 2009

‘Bonanza’ necklace by Caro Weiss in 18ct gold, horn and semi-precious stone

‘Bonanza’ necklace in silver, 14ct gold, horn and synthetic amethyst
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About Us


My jewellery has no deep message, I just try to use and choose materials for my work  I actually do not like and hope, that in the end I have turned it  into a good piece of Jewellery. 
I started with wood, Wood used to be  such an alternativ ( in this case negative) material to me, but after one semester I really fell in love with it , because it gave me the opportunity to work big -without the weight problem. So I decided to devote my diploma to the Black  Forest and carved all my pieces into wood. (the wooden brooches you saw in Munich  were still inspired from this time)
Some months ago, I started to work with horn.
Horn was something I knew as buttons , hunting-jewellery and also as a cup from knights- that sounded like an interessting material to me.
So I went several times to the slaughterhouse , got me many horns, became an expert for  boiling them  and started to work with this new material.
Soon,  I began to like the soft surface , the different colours of every single horn and I also love to touch it. 
Maybe I have also to mention that i really love stones! I cut them myself and try to combine them with the other materials, nearly in every piece.

I am happy with my work, when I know that people have fun looking at my Jewellery  or wearing it.

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