9th Sept - 29th Oct 2017

Blanka Šperková

Blanka Šperková





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Blanka began to experiment with wire in 1970. Inspired by traditional wire techniques used by Slovak tinkers, she has worked extensively with wire since 1975. She does not, however, use traditional tinker techniques. Rather, she has created a unique technique of finger knitting, which uses neither knitting needles nor other tools. Using a basic loop, she creates both free sculptures and jewellery. Early in her career she created figurative forms, based on the human body and animal motifs, but these gradually evolved into more abstract forms, always based on some distinct meaning. She has applied her wire techniques to her work in animated films and graphics. She often manipulates the airy transparency of knitted wire to create within forms that demonstrate an expressive interplay between light and shadow.

1948 born in Banská Bystrica (Czechoslovakia).
1963 - 1967 studies at Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava (line of graphic art).
1968 - 1969 studies at the Academy of Theatrical Arts in Prague (line of puppet art).
1969 - 1974 studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague (prof. A. Hoffmeister - studio of cartoon and puppet`s film).
Since 1970 works with wire, craft education in the field of wire treatment: autodidact.
Since 1974 lives in Brno as freelance artist, works in several branches of applied arts (design and direction of animated films (shot about 40 films), scenery for puppet`s theatres, illustration of books, sculptures made of wire, jewellery.
1976 born son Michal.
1978 born son Jakub.
Since 1979 exhibited at home.
Since 1990 abroad too.

1976 Honorable mention at the XVI. Film Festival in Zlín for the film The Tale of Murán
1978 Honorable mention at the XVIII. Film Festival in Zlín for the film The Giant and the Stone Cutter
1980 Award for the best film at the International Film Festival in Panama for the film Dona Militara
1992 Honorable mention 3. Betonac prijs
1992 Award for the Best Publication of the Year 1992
1993 Prix international Hoppeland 1993, Poperinge, Belgium
2006 "Zlata palicka"/Golden Bobbin/ Biennale ceske krajky, Vamberk,Czech Rep.
2006 "Winner"of 10 Years on"- Saltaire, England
2010 Prize of Slovak Textile Artists Association
2012 Honorable medal of Albin Brunovsky
2015 Tatra Gallery Award, Textil Art of Today
2017 „Zlata palicka“ /Golden Bobbin/ Biennale of Lace, Vamberk, Czech Rep.

Works in Czech states galleries and in private collections at home and abroad.

BLANKA ŠPERKOVÁ SHOWCASE presenting three new collections of finger knitted wire work
inspired by Famous Paintings; Fish; and Flowers