A Symphonic Summery Showcase
inspired by the Natural World

19TH July - 16TH Sept

Xavier Monclus

Xavier Monclus

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Xavier Monclus

Born Barcelona 1966, studied jewelry at the Massana School in Barcelona, Spain. From 1992 he presented his work in galleries and museums in Europe, United States, Canadá and Japan. From 2013 he lives and works in Maó, Menorca island, Spain. He combines his artistic activity with the educational task. He has given workshops and lectures in schools in Spain, France, England and Italy. He has also curated exhibitions in England and Spain. His work is represented in numerous catalogs and books of jewelry. His work can be seen in the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, the Netherlands and the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona HUB of Barcelona, Spain.

Solo Exhibitions:
Silent Architectures. Klimt02 gallery. Barcelona, Spain
2015 . Fondazione Salvatore Romano. Florence Jewellery Week. Florence, Italy.
2011 The Penguins van Amsterdam. Galerie Rob Koudijs,Amsterdam, Holland
2006 Galleri Hnoss. Göteborg, Sweden.
2004 El zoo fabulat. Galeria Hipòtesi, Barcelona, Spain.
2003 El petit univers. Oxida joies, Lleida,Spain.
2002 Everyday Nature. Zijsprong gallery. Antwerpen, Belgium | Galerie Louise Smit. Amsterdam, Holland.
2000 Galeria Magari, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. | Haraka Island, Helsinky European City of Culture, Helsinki, Finland
1998 In den Gärten. Galerie Eva Tiller, Viena, Austria.
1994 Carin Delcourt van Krimpen Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.