A Symphonic Summery Showcase
inspired by the Natural World

19TH July - 16TH Sept

‘Sunday’ One Off Piece – brooch in silver, oxidised silver, wood and acrylic and enamel painting.

‘Sunday’ One Off Piece – brooch in silver, oxidised silver, wood and acrylic and enamel painting.

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Xavier Monclus

My work has changed since 2010, and this is clearly visible if we observe my practice in the twenty years that preceded this shift. The narrative that so identified my pieces is gradually receding. Whilst retaining an element of figurative reference, my line of enquiry is now focused on a more direct geometric simplicity as well as a tendency towards minimalism. Narrative compositions have been replaced by forms that allude more to the inherent qualities of materials. I am now more interested in representing the materials that buildings are made of rather than narrating what happened inside them, as I used to do; to use geometric fragments that evoke the texture and colour of stone as well as of wood. Fragments speak of a whole; almost abstract in character, they can be in themselves a complete composition.

Animals have not disappeared from my work, not in the least. They are still there as messengers of our own selves, except now they are turned to stone. Petrified so that their memory stays with us forever.
I am now surrounded by the vernacular and the Bronze Age, Talayotic architecture of Menorca. Menorca is where I live now and where I should like to die: a small Mediterranean island, where one is always in contact with its ancestral core.

I love this island; I chose it, I represent it….

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