A Symphonic Summery Showcase
inspired by the Natural World

19TH July - 16TH Sept

Rings in etched silver set with tourmaline and smoky quartz

Rings in etched silver set with tourmaline and smoky quartz

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Sally Grant

My jewellery explores the complexity of patterns and natural structures that I find in my everyday journeys. These patterns can be the fine tracery of branches illuminated by the winter sun or grasses in a field casting shadows on a wall during the summer.

Central themes to my work are capturing glimpses of these transient shifting patterns that I then abstract by etching them into precious metals to give them permanency. Enamelling creates contrast and depth to the imagery in the jewellery.  I use a restrained pallete of colours to compliment the intricate detailing of each piece, maintaining a focus on the images.

I am also drawn to gemstones with unusual inclusions and formations that resonate with the images I collect. These stones are natural and unique and when combined with an etched pattern or a simple setting compliment each other.

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