A Symphonic Summery Showcase
inspired by the Natural World

19TH July - 16TH Sept

Ghost & Bonesetter

Ghost & Bonesetter

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Ghost & Bonesetter

Karen Daye-Hutchinson
Ghost & Bonesetter

My work reflects my interest in habitat, architecture and Literature.

I studied Fine Art at both Belfast and Manchester.  I exhibit nationally and internationally as an artist and as a jewellery maker, under the name of Ghost and Bonesetter.  I work between two studios, Belfast Print Workshop and Conway Mill.

‘Using line and colour as a language to explore the perimeters of print making and painting with symbolism as an allegory. I deconstruct situations, fairy tales, nursery rhymes or poetry that are part of our childhood and adult culture. Scribbling/text give the viewer additional information to view or provoke the underlying subject or concept. Stories told that are either autobiographical or historical.’

Print making, artists books and exploring images on sculptural Jewellery have  become my chosen media over the past 15 years, in particular the mixing of techniques and materials.

I made my first pieces of etched jewellery and formed vessels 30 years ago at Art Collage in Belfast.  My technique and interest came as a direct influence from my knowledge of etching and aquatint, in print.  The beauty of etching, both as a plate and print can challenge and excite;  I have created many pieces of jewellery from the actual etching plate.