A Symphonic Summery Showcase
inspired by the Natural World

19TH July - 16TH Sept

Bird - plaque in enamelled copper

Bird - plaque in enamelled copper

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Lisa Dakin

After graduating with first class honours in metal work I have been focusing on hand spun enamelled functional and decorative homeware, and latterly jewellery.  My style is influenced by mid-century modern colour palettes and I take decorative inspiration from textile pattern as well as the colour and shapes of landscape and nature.

When enamelling I enjoy the making process as much as the outcome of the final object - the almost ceremonial cleansing of a bowl immaculately before enamel can be applied, then carefully sifting on colour, and finally short bursts of high firing at which point the outcome of a finished piece cannot be predicted.

My signature pieces are small vessels high fired with rich colours, applied sporadically or enrobed in colour.  Some work also embraces the narrative of figure - posture, gesture, and facial expression and I am currently working on a new collection which will be available soon.  The ability to manipulate surface enamel finish through different firing times and temperatures creates a never ending playground of opportunities to discover and this is what drives me on to experiment in my studio in Yorkshire.

I was fortunate to receive a Goldsmiths Bursary towards my final degree project and this has allowed me to expand into different areas.  The collection I created for this project represented a departure from enamels requiring me to draw on old bodies of knowledge gained from studying for an architecture and engineering degree; new work incorporates wood and base metals of brass and copper, creating functional tactile pieces such as coffee scoops.
I am based in Holmfirth in a little studio overlooking the river and woods, a great place for inspiration to develop my work

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